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Boarding life in Singapore

Boarding schools in Singapore are as much of a wonderful experience as those in the US, Australia and Europe. The decision to attend boarding school is not an easy one. While the quality of resources, activities, and academics offered by boarding schools may be found in regular schools, boarding schools offer a unique set of benefits and experiences for young people. Boarders can enjoy readily available educational, social and sporting facilities throughout the weeks and weekends. Students who attend these boarding schools come from all over the world creating a rich and culturally diverse student community – friendships are forged at boarding schools which broaden horizons and last a lifetime.


Read about one of the most sought-after boarding schools in Singapore.

United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA)

board 4UWC South East Asia (UWCSEA) in Singapore provides boarders with an enjoyable, rewarding and vibrant residential experience, based on the values of the UWC movement. Boarders learn how to live, work and play together, making friends with people of their own age from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. 

The two Dover Campus boarding houses are a comfortable ‘home from home’ for nearly 200 young people aged between 11 and 18 years, all of whom study in an English-medium school. Dover Campus boarding truly reflects the international nature of the educational experience on offer at UWCSEA, with boarding students from all over the world living and working alongside each other. 

house1The student community is further enriched by scholarship students from many countries, who add much to the rich and culturally diverse life of the boarding family. 
The supportive and caring boarding environment nurtures boarders’ self-confidence, self-management and leadership skills, and is true to the mission of the UWC movement to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

In this spirit, the busy life of UWCSEA Dover boarding provides students with many opportunities to contribute to the residential community. Boarders are encouraged to join house committees to represent boarders’ views and enthusiasms, and actively work together to support social, charitable and sporting initiatives and events. Boarders’ International Evenings are a particular highlight, in which cultural sharing and understanding are celebrated.

house2UWCSEA Dover has five resident staff, a team of assistant houseparents and a team of boarding services executives—all of who work together to ensure that the students under their care have the best possible learning experience. The team is just as diverse as their student body, with members from over 10 different nationalities.


The application process for boarding is the same as for day students, except that all prospective boarders are interviewed. The interviews usually take place in Singapore at one of the campuses, however occasionally Admissions staff will conduct an interview a potential student’s home while visiting a country on promotional tours.

When applying for a place in the boarding programme, applicants are assigned a place at either the Dover or East Campus, depending on their profile.


Students who join the boarding houses are asked to commit to remain a boarder for:

  • one full academic year, in the case of Grade 8 to Grade 10 students

  • until the completion of the IB Diploma Programme, in the case of Grade 11 and 12 students


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