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Bringing computer education up to code

By ITS Education Asia

Hong Kong is not the only place where computer education is falling behind in regards to coding. It is not that computer science teachers are un-qualified; it is a matter of computer science teachers keeping up to date with current coding trends. Public schools in New Haven are sorting this issue out by developing an ongoing alliance with Yale undergraduate students with an event called Code Haven.

Code Haven is an event that focuses on solely on coding.In their last event about 150 students showed off the results of the computer programming work.

Now in its fourth year, Code Haven has helped spread an enthusiasm for computers to more than 200 students at multiple New Haven middle schools. About half of those students had no computer science experience prior to Code Haven.

“Right now we have a system where people are not equally exposed to computer science at a young age, and that creates a lack of diversity in computer science in high school, college, and industry,” said Daniel Urke ’21, who is co-president of Code Haven with Stephanie Bang ’21.

At ITS, we have been working with AI Academy. AI Academy provides online and on-site AI, STEM & Coding classes for students ages 5 - 18. Students leave the program with confidence in pursuing artificial intelligence and computer science and knowledge of how to build chat-bot, videogames, apps, and websites.

Should you have any questions about AI Academy please feel to contact us at ITS by email at [email protected] or call us at 2116-3916. We would be happy to assist you with a free consultation.

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