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British schools rush to open new campuses in Greater Bay Area, betting on need for international schooling amid area's growth

By ITS Education Asia

The desire for a British based education seems to be continuing to grow in the Greater Bay Area. Ten British schools are expected to open in the GBA by 2022, most of them located in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, bringing the total in the expanded metropolis to 13.

British schools with GBA plans include Harrow, Fettes, Kings College, Wimbledon, Lady Eleanor Holles, Shrewsbury and St Bees.

“The government is welcoming people to open international schools” in the GBA, said Venture Education’s Senior Partner Julian Fisher during a telephone interview with South China Morning Post. “There is a planned economy here – once [the government] decide a region should open up, it opens up and everyone piles in.”

The GBA has a combined economy estimated at US$1.5 trillion, bigger than Spain, which would make it the world’s 13th largest gross domestic product if the area were an independent economic entity. Eighty per cent of the 747 business executives in a KPMG-HSBC survey expect the area’s combined economic growth to surpass the rest of mainland China within the next three years.


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"British school children in London, England" by KEN under licensed (CC BY 3.0)

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