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Budget-Friendly International Schools In Singapore

By ITS Education Asia

Singapore’s international school sector has been experiencing significant growth for the past ten years, with several existing schools opening new campuses and several new schools entering the market.  There has been a noticeable growing trend for budget schools and many opened from 2015-19, to name a few:  5 Steps Academy, DPS International School, GIG International School, Invictus International School, Knightsbridge House International School, The Grange, Middleton International School, OWIS, Sir Manasseh Meyer International School and The Perse School Singapore. Thanks to this growing trend for more friendly fee-paying schools, it is possible to secure a well-rounded international education at an affordable price. In general, average fees for an international education in Singapore range widely from as low as SG$5,000 to as high as SG$50,000 per annum. We have provided information here on some of the schools which offer affordable fees.

While Singapore has one of the world’s leading academic programmes and is well known for its exceptionally high standards, many do not realise that this data is based on the local schools and not taking into account the international schools. Local schools represent government schools, government aided schools and independent schools. International schools do not come under this purview, and families sometimes have to pay up to SGD 50,000 a year in the first year of education at a top private school here. To most, this is almost impossible, especially without financial support by the company. Hence, many expatriates (especially if they cannot get their children into a local school), look for more economic solutions. Here are some:

Invictus International School

Invictus International School campus is situated on the beautiful green space of Dempsey Hill. The learning environment uses the advantage of the natural surroundings to create a calm and peaceful school where every child is able to focus and give their best efforts. Invictus International School currently has sixteen spacious classrooms with 25 students per classroom. The school hall serves as a space for physical activities, creative arts and assemblies and there are several green spaces used as playing fields and also a swimming pool and a sandpit playground.

Invictus International School offers schooling for children in Grades 1-6 with a maximum teacher to student ratio of 1:25. Courses at Invictus School utilize the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), a comprehensive curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for personal learning and for international mindedness. 

School Fees: SGD 18,190 including gst, and a registration fee of SGD 2,500.



Middleton International School

Middleton International School has 2 campuses in Singapore – one at upper Bukit Timah and the other, larger one at Tampines. The early years offers a blend of Reggio-Inspired Inquire-Think-Learn programme leading up to the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in Primary school. The IPC is supported by the  Singapore Ministry of Education Mathematics and the Key Stages UK curriculum for English, Science and Humanities. This eventually leads up to the International Middle Years Programme (IMYP) in Secondary school.


The well-equipped Bukit Timah classrooms are designed to facilitate a high-quality programme inspired by best practice. The classrooms open up into common spaces offering integrated and holistic learning experiences for students in the primary years. The common spaces include a library, a performing arts space, tinkering studio and more. The indoor and outdoor playgrounds are located on Level 5 and provide students large and intentionally designed open spaces for physical development. Currently offering Grades 1-5.

School Fees: SGD 19,375 for primary including gst and a registration fee of SGD 1,070.

The Tampines campus is a more modern facility with a focus on design thinking and innovation to create learning spaces of the future. The well-equipped classrooms are designed according to age-appropriate facilities so as to enable a high-quality programme inspired by best practice. Facilities include external hard courts, a large field for football and other games, makerspace lab, black box theatre and a library.

School Fees: SGD 16,153 for primary and SGD 18,570 for secondary including gst. A registration fee of SGD 1,070 is also charged.


One World International School

One World International School (OWIS) provides a well-rounded learning experience that prepares students to navigate the complexities of living in a multicultural, international environment. Recently acquired by the acclaimed Global Schools Foundation, OWIS encompasses practices and principles that prepare young learners to become dynamic, innovative leaders. One World International School follows the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) in Primary School and a modified UK curriculum leading to the IGCSE in Secondary School.

The school has a 30% cap on any one nationality, to include students from different backgrounds, cultures and geographic locations. The campus can house up to 1,200 students from pre-school through 12th grade, and class size is limited to 24 students per classroom. Equipped with the latest technology, the campus also supports outdoor learning opportunities, including a Nature Kindergarten. The classrooms are large and airy, the facilities include a basketball court and large playground and a drama theatre and art studio.

School fees: Early Years to Grade 6 SGD 18,480 and SGD 21,247 for secondary school including gst. A registration fee of SGD 1,030 is also charged.


The Grange Institution

Cambridge International Primary Curriculum under its Proficiency Frame of Learning, which covers the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science necessary for building foundation knowledge. Through an interdisciplinary inquiry-based learning approach, students are encouraged to expand their knowledge base and to become globally aware. To do so, the school has embedded many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in the teaching framework. Currently offering Grades 1-6, the school offers creative and music studios, visual arts, a sustainable garden, library and physical education as part of the curriculum. It is located in the Northern part of Singapore, in Yiu Chu Kang.

Introductory school fees: Grade 1 to Grade 6 SGD 16,983. The fee will increase in the subsequent years with a significant rise to SGD 28,283.


Dimensions International

With two campuses in Kovan and Bukit Timah, Dimensions International has diversified from just a College to also offer the Cambridge certified primary and secondary education to students aged 7 years upwards. The school offers its primary students a dual pathway of preparation for the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) and the rigorous Cambridge curriculum. Compulsory subjects include English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Music, Science, Art and Physical Education. Seven languages are offered, and the facilities at both campuses include a large library, music and art studio, auditorium, air conditioned classrooms, outdoor sports areas and a cafeteria.

School fees: Grade 1 to Grade 6 SGD 11,600 with extras for AEIS preparation and ECA. A registration fee of SGD 500 is also charged.


5 Steps Academy

Located centrally at Everton Park near the city centre, 5 Steps Academy is a school that offers a 4 hour intensive academic programme every morning to students in both primary and secondary. The Elementary Programme  is specially designed to cater to students aged 5 to 12. The programme accommodates to the syllabus of most national or local curriculums and effectively prepares students to engage in any Secondary School Programme. Co-curricular activities such as coding, chess, creative arts and ceramics, performing arts, music, athletics, etc are also offered after the core curriculum.

School fees: Grade 1 to Grade 5 SGD 1,500 per month and Grade 6 to Grade 12 SGD 1,800 per month. No other fees charged.



Dulwich College Singapore

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