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Coronavirus - mainland Chinese students to miss DSE examination in Hong Kong, with trouble over visa extension caused by quarantine measures

By ITS Education Asia

It is always sad to see children’s educational opportunities disrupted. During these difficult times this article from the SCMP makes all of us here at ChalkFace feel for these students who have studied so hard to sit their DSE exams but due to the virus will not be able to at this point in time.

Scores of mainland Chinese students may miss their university entrance examination in Hong Kong amid the coronavirus epidemic, after facing visa extension issues over the 14-day quarantine requirement.

Some 700 cross-border students, who included mainlanders or Hongkongers living on the mainland, are to join more than 52,000 candidates for the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) exam, a university entrance test set to begin on March 27, according to the Examinations and Assessment Authority.

About 370 among the group in question are day-school students, with the remainder private candidates.  Leung is representing about 40 affected mainland candidates from Guangdong province. She said they were turned away by Hong Kong immigration officers earlier this week when they tried to enter the city by the Shenzhen Bay Control Point.

“They really want to come to Hong Kong to take the exam. They are not asking to be exempted from quarantine. They just hope to be able to have a longer visa stay,” Leung said.

Hopefully something can be done to help these young people.

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