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Covid-19: The challenges of home-schooling

By ITS Education Asia

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A very informative article from the BBC that includes some great tips for parents who are struggling with the demands of home schooling.

Tips for parents from experts

  • Do what you can. You don't have to become a teacher. You are a parent and what your child needs most is what parents give best - love and support.
  • Provide a structure to the day - this does not need to be a strict timetable. And for younger children, keep the afternoons free for more fun activities, craft, cooking, PE.
  • If you can, set up a small workstation for your child. Headphones could help for online lessons.
  • If you have a PlayStation or Xbox, but not an extra computer, both Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom can be accessed via the consoles.
  • Talking and reading don't need devices - and both are vital skills.
  • Practice the basics, like multiplication tables, playing with money, or imaginative role-play.



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