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International Pre-School

By Anne Murphy 
Director, ITS Educational Services Ltd


 About EtonHouse

EtonHouse is headquartered in Singapore with more than 70 pre-schools and schools spreading across Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam and will open a pre-school in Tai Tam, Hong Kong in January 2014. EtonHouse International Pre-School in Orchard is an IB World School. Along with EtonHouse Newton, it became the first IB authorised pre-school in Singapore.


The School Visit

My job gives me the privilege of visiting a lot of schools every year, and I always enjoy meeting the teachers, principals and supervisors. On a recent visit to Singapore, I visited EtonHouse Pre-School and met with Karen ThomsonSenior Parent Liaison Manager of their Orchard Boulevard campus.

EtonHouse at Orchard is housed in a beautifully designed and landscaped property in the heart of the city. As you walk in the entrance to the school, you immediately feel welcomed and enchanted in the midst of greenery.  The large outdoor area for children to play games learn about nature and explore is something very unique for Singapore.

Karen has a warm personality that matches the welcoming feel of the school. We are taken on a tour of the premises and my first opinion as it was when I first visited the school 2-years ago is one of pure delight. I even say to Karen on a few occasions as we walk around: “I wish I had gone to a school like this”. I think what strikes me the most is the naturalness of the surroundings and the classroom design which come in relaxed colors with natural wood furnishings.

The Classrooms

Classroom equipment is made from natural materials and creative play furnishings and materials in each classroom provide opportunity for child-led imaginative play which as Karen comments: “fosters individual expression, independence and cooperative action with classmates ”.This environment allows the teachers to supplement classroom instruction with learning experiences based within nature itself, stimulating the children’s interest in and respect for the world around them. Art and craft supplies include nature based supplies, leaves, twigs, etc. that encourage children to immerse themselves in creative exploration.


The Curriculum

ETONHOUSE offers an international research-based programme, the EtonHouseInquire-Think-Learn curriculum, inspired by the infant and toddler centre of Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy, which was hailed by Newsweek as one of the best programmes in the world.

The EtonHouse integrated inquiry-based programme invites children to explore, discover, predict problem solve and construct their understanding of the world within a beautiful learning space designed to stimulate a child’s development and ensure he/she interacts and builds relationships with the natural world. EtonHouse excels in its provisions of language programmes. Languages offered across the EtonHouse Centres in Singapore include Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi and English as Second Language. Children can become truly bilingual through the excellent quality of these programmes.

The Teaching Staff

EtonHouse has a team of highly qualified teaching staff and assistants who deliver a rich learning experience. They cultivate a genuine love for learning in children and assist them in developing their creative, curious minds, so they can become confident, competent global learners. Teachers and staff are involved in continuous professional development throughout their time at an EtonHouse campus. This professional development may be provided by academic staff through the EtonHouse Education Centre, ongoing pedagogical support within teachers own classrooms as well as participation in local early childhood conferences.

Why choose Eton-House?
If you are looking for a friendly school which lets children explore the world around them, encourages learning through exploration and discovery, as well as acquiring academic skills in a research-based, thoughtfully planned learning environment, then this is the right place.

For further information on EtonHouse Pre-Schools contact:
Bipasha Chanda Minocha
Group Brand Director 
Email: [email protected] 
Tel: +852-9729 5010?+65-8157 1460 ? +65-6746 3333 ?


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