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Exceptional Enrichment Opportunities at North London Collegiate School (Singapore)

By ITS Education Asia

Enrichment is one of the three core pillars of an NLCS education, serving to support and enhance each student’s academic development as well as help shape their character and personality. North London Collegiate School (Singapore) offers a vibrant co-curricular provision across academic subjects, music, drama, sports, the creative arts and beyond. 

The CCA programmes inspire students to be active and enthusiastic participants in various age-appropriate activities from KG2 to Grade 11 with sufficient challenge and rigour. Amnesty International, Archery, Art, Applied Science and Scientific Enquiry, Biology Olympiad, Cooking Club, Environment & Sustainability Group, Fencing, Golf, Horse Riding, Kayaking, Rock Band, Scuba Diving and Young Investors Club are some of the unique activities offered by the school. These exciting opportunities are not all teacher-led as NLCS (Singapore) actively encourages self-initiated activities, managed and run by the students themselves, with teachers providing mentorship and guidance.   

About NCLS (Singapore)

NLCS (Singapore) offers an exceptional British education for students aged 3 - 18.  Enrollment is open throughout the year. For more information on availability, the admissions process or to book a tour, please contact the Admissions team on +65 6989 3000 or email [email protected]

Click here to learn more about NLCS(Singapore): nlcssingapore.sg


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