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Fresh Hong Kong graduates earn a lot less working in Greater Bay Area, study finds

By ITS Education Asia

While the average starting salary for graduates is about HK$14,800 in Hong Kong, similar jobs pay a little over a third of that across the border. However, bosses in Guangdong province are more generous in paying bonuses than their Hong Kong counterparts.

The average starting salary for graduates was about HK$14,800 (US$1,900) in Hong Kong, while jobs of a similar nature offered around 5,300 yuan (US$750) across the border, according to the survey, released on Thursday. The study analysed pay data from 160 Hong Kong and mainland companies in Greater Bay Area cities.

However, researchers said local graduates should also take into account upwards pay trends across the border when considering working in Guangdong and other benefits. Bosses across the border were more generous in paying bonuses, the survey found. They gave staff a “guaranteed bonus” of between 1.1 and 1.7 months of pay, while their counterparts in Hong Kong generally offered one month.


For all of the Hong Kong graduates out there — would you consider working in China rather than Hong Kong?

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