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Friday round-up - a range of educational highlights from around the globe

By ITS Education Asia

Interesting link between rethinking higher education in light of the SDGs (Full article – UCL)

School disruption plus lockdown = children at home with too much time and not enough to do. Reading challenges for all ages = problem solved. (Full article – The Educator)

Pertinent piece from a teacher about the school group who have just missed the last year of primary and now need to start secondary – hard enough in ‘normal times’!! (Full article – Oxford University Press)

For those interested in how learning works, an interesting piece on the skills v content debate (Full article – Tabula Rasa)

UK will still grant post-study work visas to international students even if they have to study their UK course online from home (Full article – PIE)

Good science based article on psychology of implicit bias which drives discrimination (Full article – Edweek)




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