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'Grade inflation' in top degree grades stopping

By ITS Education Asia

Chalkface has been following the recent concern and discussion about “grade inflation” in degrees from UK universities. The idea is that it is becoming easier to get top grades and more students are getting them, potentially reducing the value of the harder work put in by earlier students. 

A recent report shows that “The sharp increase in university students in the UK getting top degree grades seems to have stalled, according to annual official figures.” The latest figures show 28% of students were awarded first class degrees in 2018-19 - the same as the year before.

Since 2011 the number of students being awarded first class degrees has risen by 80%.

UK Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said grade inflation was "something we had to stop" to protect the reputation of the UK's universities.

So what do you think? Is grade inflation a problem or are current students just performing better than those from previous years?


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