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Hong Kong third wave: kindergarten & international school terms will not start until at least August 17

By ITS Education Asia

The latest outbreak of Covid-19 in Hong Kong is impacting on us all.  The SCMP reports on how the latest wave of the virus is putting plans to re-open schools and kindergartens on hold.

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said at a press conference that schools would begin classes no earlier than August 17, as the pandemic had shown “no signs of improvement”.

Their reopening dates would depend on the development of the health crisis, he said, with schools being given at least two weeks’ notice to prepare. He added that most of the city’s 27,000 cross-border students – Hongkongers who commute from the mainland – would likely be unable to return to class immediately in the coming school year.

We all hope that the latest measures implemented by the Hong Kong government aimed at getting this breakout of the virus under control are successful and we can get back to our normal lives.  All of us here at the Chalkface are extremely concerned for the effects these school shutdowns are having on children’s education.




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