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Hong Kong's Covid-19 travel curbs are fueling drop in applications for primary school places, Education Bureau says

By ITS Education Asia

Father putting a protective mask on his son ,asian family wearing face mask for protection during the quarantine coronavirus covid 19 outbreak Free Photo

Covid-19 travel restrictions are contributing to an expected 10 per cent drop in applications for the next centralized allocation of Primary One places, according to Hong Kong education officials. This is due to the number of cross-border students that usually enroll.

But parents said on Saturday they remained anxious over whether their children would secure a place at their preferred school, despite reduced competition amid low numbers of cross-border students entering Hong Kong’s education system.

The Education Bureau estimates that 26,642 six-year-old pupils will apply for the centralized Primary One placements for the 2021-22 academic year – about 2,500 fewer than last year.



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