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Remarkable scores achieved by Hong Kong students again this year - 38 students, including 15 from ESF schools, received full score (45/45 points). The average score in Hong Kong was 35.96 points, which is nearly six points higher than the global average. There were 218 students worldwide who achieved the perfect score of 45; at least 24 of these were from Hong Kong’s international schools.


Top scores

Out of the 2, 291 students who completed their IB Diploma, the 15 top scores were from English Schools Foundation (ESF) secondary schools (six students from Sha Tin College, five from Island School, two from King George V School and two from South Island School).

Speaking at the release of the IB Diploma results, ESF Chief Executive Officer Belinda Greer said ESF students are amongst the very best in the world.

Other students who achieved top score were students of German Swiss International School; Canadian International School of Hong Kong, International Schools Foundation Academy, St Paul’s Co –Educational College, St Stephen’s College and Victoria Shanghai Academy.

Achieving 45 points in the IB Diploma is no easy task. James Chow, student of CDNIS, who achieved a score of 7 in all six major subjects in addition to securing an extra three points in both the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge elements.

Upon receiving the news, James, who will study medicine at the University of St. Andrews next year said, “I can't believe this is happening right now.”

James said that what he will remember the most about his time at the school is the strong bonds he built with many of his fellow classmates and the experiences he had outside the classroom. He summed up his DP experience and the secret for his success by saying, “Always stay balanced. Ahead of academics, striving for balance is the most important aspect in my life. Both service and athletics play a big role in shaping who I am as a person. It has been a long journey but I will never forget the experiences and relationships I have built along the way.”  


Top ranking schools in Hong Kong

In the top echelon of all schools offering the IB Diploma is St Paul’s Co-Educational College. Out of a small cohort of 63 students, the average score was 41 – this ranks it the very best in Hong Kong. Impressively, 5 students got a score of 45, 10 got a score of 44, and 8 got a score of 43. It should also be noted that 24% of its students received a score of 44 or above, compared to the world’s 1.3%

The German Swiss International School Hong Kong (GSIS) has placed itself in top position of Hong Kong’s International Schools with an impressive average score of 40 – ten points ahead of the global average of 30.

Chinese International School (CIS) also recorded one of the highest average scores amongst all schools. Students achieved an average of 38.5, as well as an outstanding 100% pass rate and nearly half its students population achieved 40 or more points.

Canadian International School (CDNIS) had a 97% pass rate and an average score of 36.5 and an impressive 21% of its students achieved 40 or more points.

Students from French International School (FIS), did exceptionally well this year, achieving an average score of 37.5, which places it amongst the highest-ranking schools. Over a third of its students scored 40 or more points, and there was 100% pass rate.

Another school is close ranking to FIS is Singapore International School, again their students performed remarkably well with an average score of 37 and 32% scored 40 points while 95% successfully obtained the IB diploma. Schools with small cohorts also did extremely well. The Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA) should be noted for their average score of 36 – and 26% of students achieved a score of 40 or more. For the fourth year in a row, the Independent Schools Foundation Academy had a 100% overall pass rate. Students achieved an average score of 35 points, and 21% of students achieved an IB score of 39 or above.  Another bilingual school which shone this year is Yew Chung International School (YCIS). There was a perfect 100% pass rate and an average score similar to ISF of 35 points – and 20% of YCIS student scored 40 points or higher.


Requirements of the universities: 

We congratulate all the students who have achieved a 6 or 7 (out of 7) in the international IB exams as such success is highly appreciated by top universities around the world. Following in the footsteps of the school’s alumni, many ESF and GSIS graduates have been accepted by Top 15 universities as per Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), also known as Shanghai Ranking and will study at such universities as: Cornell University, London School of Economics,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Brown University and University of Cambridge.  Graduates from CDNIS and St Paul’s Co-Educational College have accepted offers to study at Oxford, University of Cambridge, University College London, Harvard, St Andrew’s, Penn, Imperial College London, Cornell University, UC Berkley, UCLA and University of Columbia. In addition, CDNIS graduates have been offered more than HK$16million in scholarships to study at their preferred institutions.

To learn more about the impressive graduates from top schools in Hong Kong. Visit the school websites directly:

Canadian International School: www.cdnis.edu.hk

Chinese International School: https://www.cis.edu.hk/

ESF (English Schools Foundation): http://www.esf.edu.hk/public-exam-results/

French International School: https://www.fis.edu.hk/en/news-press/press-release-french-international-school-students-celebrate-excellent-international

German Swiss International School: https://mygsis.gsis.edu.hk/2018/07/09/gsis-ib-diploma-students-deliver-exceptional-academic-results-2/

St Paul’s Co-Educational College: https://www.spcc.edu.hk/academic/culture-of-excellence/public-exams

Victoria Shanghai Academy: http://www.vsa.edu.hk/en/index.aspx

Yew Chung International School: https://www.ycis-hk.com/en/secondary

NOTE: As of July 9th. Other schools offering IB Diploma have not publicly released results. This article will be updated as results become publicized.


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