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By ITS Education Asia

This article was written in 2014.



IMS expands to new Stanley campus 



Students will begin classes in the newly renovated Stanley campus of the International Montessori School (IMS) after the Easter break of 2014.  The 50,000-square feet Stanley campus underwent major renovations to cater to the Montessori style of learning, including a children’s garden, student kitchen, spacious classrooms with plenty of natural light and Montessori learning materials, specialty Chinese rooms and multiple indoors and outdoors playgrounds.  The fourth location of IMS, the Stanley campus will add over 700 international kindergarten and primary school places to Hong Kong.  

ims2More than 500 parents and students were invited to a special preview of the spacious new campus and to meet the new principal, Stephen Palmer.  (Picture 2 here)
Principal, Palmer, has over 30 years’ experience of teaching and educational leadership, including 12 years at Busan International Foreign School in Korea where he grew the school from 70 to over 500 students, with a full program offering from preschool to secondary.  He also brings rich international work experience, having served in schools in Indonesia, Switzerland, Australia and Korea.  

Palmer said, “I am excited about the opportunity to work with the IMS community to further enhance the school’s incredible successes of the past 12 years.  I was impressed by IMS’ commitment to the education of the individual child which results in nurturing innovative, self-motivated and caring students.” 

ims3IMS is the only Montessori preschool through primary school in Hong Kong, and the only accredited Montessori primary school in Greater China, serving children aged 2 to 12 years from over 40 countries across 4 campuses. The school pioneered a unique, individually tailored Chinese curriculum based on Montessori’s multi-sensory and interactive approach, and offers one of the world’s leading Montessori dual-language programmes.  

Montessori is an internationally recognized education method with a 100-year history.  Based on the principles of learning through enquiry and the resulting development of the whole child, the Montessori curriculum gives students structures to categorize knowledge, keys to discover, and questions to encourage life-long learning, along with the life skills needed to adapt to change. 

Each IMS classroom is led by a team of two, an English-speaking and a native Putonghua-speaking teacher, and is carefully designed to give children opportunities to engage in meaningful learning activities with the proper balance of autonomy and guidance.   

The Foundation program (ages 2-3.5), with 16 children in a class, provides a strong start to the children’s development and focuses on fostering independence and determination.  The Casa dei Bambini program (ages 3-6) supports children in moving toward a mastery of self and the environment, and includes practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, science, geography, history, and cultural activities in a fully bilingual classroom environment.  The IMS primary program (ages 6-12) takes full advantage of children’s developing capacity to reason by presenting an integrated view of interrelated disciplines, including language.

IMS graduates successfully stream into top secondary schools in Hong Kong and around the world, with enhanced academic and social skills, and a very strong foundation in both Chinese and English. 

Tours of the new campus will take place throughout the year. Contact, Fanny Lee, Communications Director, at [email protected] or visit IMS website at: www.montessori.edu.hk/


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