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Inspections expected for top rated UK schools

By ITS Education Asia

The Office for Standards in Education (OFSTESD) has just stated that it will re-instate inspections for top-rated schools. In the past, UK schools that were rated “outstanding” were exempt from routine OFSTED inspections, due in part to ensure that these “outstanding” schools maintain their high standards after is has attained that status. A report by the National Audit Office found that 296 “outstanding schools” had not been inspected for more than 10 years. Re-instated inspections would definitely keep top schools on its toes, as they can no longer rely on previous standings to maintain the lofty “outstanding ratings.” Still one would suspect that the OFSTED inspections will still be subjective in its application. Which leads to the question of whether Hong Kong should apply subjective inspections to their Band ratings as opposed to being based on exam results and university applications? What do you think?

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