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By Vandana Rao,
Client Services Manager, Singapore

Multi-national students interacting and learning with smiles on their faces is an everyday norm at ISS Singapore. ISS, one of the longest established international schools in Singapore, and has been serving the international community for over thirty years. The community is proud of its rich diversity, its students’ achievements and the unique learning environment in which individuals develop the skills necessary to be successful global leaders. ISS has approximately 750 students ages 4 to 18, from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The school was founded in 1981 by Mr Chan Chee Seng. Mr Chan was the first Asian to establish an International School. The ISS Education Group also includes the Centre for American Education, the United States Education and Information Centre (Singapore), and Beijing International School (Beijing).

(Vandana Rao, our Client Services Manager) sat down with Kieran Turnbull, ex-student and admissions personnel to find out what makes ISS unique and how it has helped carve his educational path and future.

ITS met with admissions personnel Kieran Turnbull at ISS school, who is himself an old student of the school. 

Kieran is an engaging and down to earth person, with his head very firmly planted on his sensible shoulders. He credits ISS with giving him the confidence to do the kind of job he does, even though he is in his last year of teenage life!! The small class sizes, availability of outlets and resources within the school to discuss issues and the ‘family’ feel of the school were all positive contributors to Kieran’s development. 

Diagnosed with dyscalculia, Kieran was able to complete his IB Diploma Course with impressive scores. Kieran says, “ Three huge contributors in my development were my Math teacher Mr Baker, Rachel Macarthy from the Learning Support team and Urs Jungo the IB Diploma Course Coordinator. They equipped me with the necessary tools and offered unconditional support whenever I needed it – day or night. They helped shape my future and I will always be grateful for their invaluable support”… ISS has strong student support such as English support, mother tongue support, learning support, counseling support and careers and university guidance support, so they’re able to support a wide variety of students' needs extremely well. 

Even though the current campus does not have a pool and has limited space compared to other schools, Kieran firmly believes that he was not in any way deprived of access to any sport or facility. Children use a facility down the road for swimming and field a football team and even play rugby together over the weekend with outside coaching. The teacher retention rate is good and even students stay on with the school for an average of 4 years. 

Upon asking him what he will look forward to with the new campus, Kieran feels, “ The new campus is an exciting venture for all of us. To be able to offer top class facilities, have full teams to compete with other schools, both campuses together in one area and still retain the ‘let children be children’ attitude are amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished product, and am delighted to be a part of it”. 

Kieran’s fondest memories at ISS are the kayaking trip to Victoria during Activity Week and the Senior Trip to Phuket. He made several friends at the school, many of whom he believes will be friends for life. Working at ISS now is a pleasure for him, and he passes on the enthusiasm and caring attitude shown by his teachers to the little kids around him when he does school tours. I notice Hi 5s and students being greeted by name – a great sign to me as a parent…. Is this a place my children will be happy at? A resounding YES, after meeting Kieran!!

For further information on ISS International School, contact:
Jeremy Oh 
Admissions Executive, High School
ISS International School
21 Preston Road
Singapore 109355
Tel: (65) 6475 4188 

Email: [email protected]

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