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By ITS Education Asia

Alison’s Letterland and Baby Buddies Campuses

Baby Buddies have been providing preschool education to children and families across Hong Kong since 1996. They operate nursery, playgroup, kindergarten and preschool classes for children age 3 months to 6 years old in their four campuses located in Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan and Discovery Bay, providing a structured, play-based early childhood program which follows the British National standard curriculum - the Early Years Foundation Stage, with rich language (English and Mandarin) input in their daily classes.  

The founder Alison Euler, continues to be very proactive within all of the schools and continues to enjoy sharing her 25 years of teaching experience with her team and students. Her schools are noted for their small and family orientate environment which many parents prefer to be their child’s first school experience. All of the staff are committed to the continual development of the kindergarten – both in terms of constantly reviewing the curriculum and investing in the school’s education resources and physical environment so that they can provide the best educational environment for the children.

During our visit at the Causeway Bay campus, Alison was guiding a playgroup class. Participation is expected from both parent/guardian and child at every class. Children were enthusiastically involved in different hands-on and group activities, such as: messy play, movement exercises & singing, storytelling, sensory activities, and exploring different tactile Easter crafts. Alison believes that every class should be a celebration of learning for both children and adults. “You are guaranteed to leave our classes with a smile”, says Alison.

“These visual and spatial activities are all designed to help children to make their own discoveries about materials and carry out their own mini experiments to learn about their environment. The activities also encourage language development, logical thinking, creativity and imagination”, said Alison.

Alison explains: “The focus of all the classes from playgroup to upper kindergarten is to encourage children to help themselves, take initiative and become increasingly independent in order to develop self-esteem and social competence” 

The high standard of education in Alison’s Letterland and Baby Buddies is reflected in the success of their students being accepted to international primary schools and thriving in educational environments, the school also provides a community feeling that support the children and parents along their learning journey.

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