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The first British international boarding school has arrived in town. The Merchiston International School (MIS), Shenzhen, will officially open in Longhua District in August this year.

MIS is the first overseas campus of Merchiston Castle School, a top-ranked independent school located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK with a history of over 185 years. MIS is also the first international school in Shenzhen providing an authentic British education and boarding system.


Extraordinary teachers, who love to teach

Led by the Head of School, Mr Chris Lynn, the teaching team of MIS consists of the Head of Juniors, Head of Seniors, Head of Boarding, Houseparents, teachers and teaching assistants. Among the currently confirmed teaching team, over 80% are from the UK. All the teachers are highly qualified with degrees and teaching qualifications with teaching experience both in the UK and in international schools.

The current Headmaster of Merchiston Castle School Andrew Hunter will also join MIS in August as Educational Consultant, to assure the quality of the teaching and learning.


Library Second Floor


Essence from the best of British curriculum

English is the primary language of instruction in MIS. The curriculum will prepare students for their future studies in world-renowned universities across the globe and to facilitate their access into society.

Students from Years 1 to 9 will study the English National Curriculum, with additional access to Mandarin language learning as part of the core curriculum. Students from Years 10 to 13 study for IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations and GCE (General Certificate of Education) A Level examination.


main building exterior


Fulfilled school life enriched with sports and arts

Adopting Merchiston Castle School’s ethos, MIS also features a wide range of co-curricular activities, supported by state-of-the-art teaching and sports facilities.

The school aims to develop students’ talents in a diverse range of interests such as music, drama, art, sinology, science and technology; as well as mainstream sports including football, swimming, basketball, tennis and rugby.

MIS will provide opportunities for adventure and outdoor activities such as horse riding, sailing, skating, and golf among others.


Boarding is the beauty of Merchiston

MIS is a boarding school which implements the highest standards of pastoral care, food quality and safety.

The school occupies a ground space of 20,000 square metres providing a building area of 50,000 square metres and offers three apartment buildings with comfortable contemporary facilities. Other facilities include on-campus libraries, multi-media classrooms, integrated science laboratories, a black box theatre, an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, football pitches, a fitness suite and tastefully landscaped areas.

Inheriting Merchiston’s boarding house system, MIS provides a family-style boarding system with high quality child protection and safeguarding policies and procedures.


junior girls bedroom


Admissions Procedures & Policy

MIS is licensed as an International school under the Ministry of Education and can only accept qualified students who hold a foreign passport/identification. After parents have completed the application form and prepared the required documents, a one-to-one assessment for students in Years 1, 2 & 3 or entrance exam (Junior and Senior School) is scheduled. Overseas candidates can be assessed at their current schools.


The school is open for admissions for students commencing 23 August 2018. Please email [email protected] or call 400 867 0177.


main building exterior

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