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Online Schooling: smoothing choppy waters?

By ITS Education Asia


Parents with children at international schools have seen a number of disruptions in the last year or so what with civil unrest and viral outbreaks. These add to the usual worries about whether the mainstream schools in your area offer enough choice or indeed the right options for your child. On top of all this is the question of mobility with expatriate families often having to move quite suddenly.

When children get to senior school level and embark on courses which lead to qualifications it becomes even more crucial that disruption is minimized and their chances to reach potential are maximized. Future schooling, university and career all depend on it. But what if you could guarantee access to the same school and the same teachers no matter where you were and what the social situation was?


Education Opportunities 

ITS Education holds a fairly unique position in the education sector. It is a deliberately and uniquely created ecosystem of school options which aims to match the flexibility of the tutorial sector with the real outcomes of the mainstream sector (i.e. public exams). In its bricks and mortar schools and classrooms in Hong Kong it has been delivering alternative routes to IGCSE and International A-level since 2010. Some students just take the exams at ITS to add these qualifications to others they take in a more mainstream school. Some do tutorial and exams to add to their home schooling. And some use ITS as their full time school provider. On the tutorial side, ITS teachers support both these UK syllabuses and other popular syllabuses such as IB (we have a number of examiners on staff). All of these options are available both in the school and online.


ITS is the only properly registered school

offering access to full qualifications

via a virtual classroom environment.


Online lessons are taught through our virtual classroom, which students can easily access from their computer.  There is an option to either watch video lessons (for selected IAS subjects) or join a live, real-time classroom. There are no downloads as everything is browser-based. All lessons, whether pre-prepared video lessons or live real-time lessons, are delivered by ITS school teachers who are employed by ITS Education Asia; registered and accredited by both the Hong Kong Education Bureau and the Pearson Edexcel examination body.


Online learning brings school to you

Support is an essential and important part of our online school just as it is in our physical schools in Hong Kong. We provide the same level of support and guidance that you expect from being enrolled in any high-quality mainstream school. Our teachers, tutors, student counsellors, administrative and technical support staff are here to help to guide you through your studies. 

Almost all other online education is actually electronic distance learning. ITS is the only properly registered school offering access to full qualifications via a virtual classroom environment. As a result students can get the most from their exam results.

The only difference to taking these qualifications at a mainstream school is that non-Hong Kong students have to enroll themselves at a local exam provider (although some choose to fly to Hong Kong to sit at ITS). We are of course happy to help you liaise with Pearson to do this successfully. We have had students in Qatar enroll themselves into exams at the British Council there. Another family based in Rwanda travelled to nearby Botswana for the exams at a Pearson centre there. Both took all their actual lessons and revision with ITS teachers in a live-taught online course.


Pathway to Tertiary Education

Our counsellors can also deliver all the usual in-person services via the online classroom. We provide full counselling for University choices in the UK, the US or both. We strive to help our students identify colleges and universities which best match their strengths and interests, and also provide support and advice in completing the necessary application. We have a top-tier team of admissions consultants ready to transform a student’s application into an offer at a top-ranking university or college. The full range of our counseling services for entry to the US or UK can be navigated from:


Please visit this link https://www.itseducation.asia/online/ for further information on how ITS can help you reach your academic goals using online access to teachers.


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