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Penned by Youth - An Open Letter to the UN Secretary General Pt III

By ITS Education Asia

Part III

“To be or not to be ... educated. That is the question. Education is the engine of social mobility that drives equitable access to the opportunity of living a life fulfilled. For students left off traditional educational pathways, I want to enrich their lives through eliciting their creativity.” Alex Lee, Lower 6th Student, Harrow School UK

“Inclusivity, innovation, and accessibility are the big issues facing education, which has a tradition of evolving slowly. Students incur unhealthy stress in systems that emphasize tests and not individual development. I want to change that.” Jason Qiu, Student, Island School

“Education is the most powerful weapon to reduce inequality. I founded Buddy Wiser to bring a free curriculum of study skills to ethnic minorities and children from underprivileged families.” Alison Carless, Founder and President, BuddyWiser Foundation

“Progress stems from education, culture, freedom, and equality. If any of these are taken away, mankind flounders in the corrupt image of a select few. Together, we can collaborate towards a more unified world, one where cooperation - not competition - is at the centre of the economic zeitgeist.” Alfred Francis, Student, American International School

“Technology gives us the opportunity to democratize education for the wider community. It is time to rethink the traditional education system and obstacles to access.” Aden Wong, 8th Grade Student, International Christian School

“Everyone has struggles, but not all are the same. There is no problem too small to raise awareness for, and it's usually the more uncommon problems that need a bit more visibility to popularize compassion and inspire solutions.“ Rica Wong, Founder, Youth Resilience Foundation

We humbly ask the United Nations and the Secretary General to acknowledge the need to include youth in designing their education. They are an essential stakeholder in our worldwide efforts to educate. If we want the incoming crop of world leaders to be prepared for the daunting global challenges of the 21st century, we need to get their input now more than ever.

Dulwich College Singapore

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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