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Poorly performing Hong Kong colleges face threat of deregistration

By ITS Education Asia

A recent article from the SCMP looks at the work from the Committee on Self-financing Postsecondary Education to strengthen certain aspects of the educational regulatory framework. According to the Chairman “Strengthening the regulatory framework and setting clearer criteria to deregister poorly performing self-financing postsecondary colleges in Hong Kong will be among the priorities of the advisory committee that oversees the sector.”

The proposed move was among 13 recommendations the government adopted from a task force Anthony Cheung Bing-leung (head of the committee) led that was set up to review those institutions, and to address problems within the sector.

There are 28 self-financing postsecondary institutions in Hong Kong, which can award degrees, associate degrees, and higher diplomas, providing more than 30,000 intake places a year. There are also six publicly funded universities that run one or more private extensions.

Do you agree? Should these self-financing postsecondary institutions face deregistration if performing poorly?

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