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Progress report on harassment

By Ruth Puentespina

Statistics show that steps that have been taken to combat sexual abuse and gender-related violence have gone down since a taskforce was set up in 2016. However, there is still much work to be done to address harassment and hate crimes related to race or faith. Systemic racism is much harder to solve but it is clear that there should be a zero-tolerance culture for all types of harassment. Micro-aggressions are more insidious as these types of harassment occur on a daily basis and attack anything from disability to race and gender identity. The higher education sector recognizes its shared responsibility in eliminating hate crime, and universities are the first place to start as these are microcosmic reflections of society at large. It is important to take the necessary steps now to ensure that a healthy learning environment exists to support students - thus allowing them a glimpse of a better world that they can build, once they leave school.

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