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Schools move class trips closer to home as eco-conscious pupils try to lower their carbon footprint, leading head teacher says

By ITS Education Asia

ChalkFace has been reporting on the recent movement, largely being driven by young people, on climate change activism. 

Eco-conscious pupils are calling for trips to be held closer to school to reduce their carbon footprint, a leading school head has said. Portsmouth High School has swapped London theatre trips for local shows, and groups are now more likely to walk to nearby museums than use the bus after students called for change. 

“In the future, it could be the case that there is still school fundraising for projects overseas, but pupils do not necessarily visit. Students can connect with environments around the world through video link rather than having to visit the location” Ms Prescott said.

What do you think?  Is overseas travel is a great way to expand a young person’s education or should these trips be avoided as a way of trying to reduce climate change?

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