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Shue Yan University moves liberal arts education into digital age, as more Hong Kong schools emphasize tech

By ITS Education Asia

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Shue Yan University is taking its liberal arts programme into the digital age with new advanced technology laboratories and degree programmes to help Hong Kong students prepare for the jobs of the future (SCMP).

The 49-year-old private university in North Point has arts, commerce and social sciences faculties, but is best known for its journalism programme. It also offers courses in social work, psychology and business administration, among others.

It has now invested HK$40 million (US$5.1 million) to build three advanced laboratories for the study of big data, virtual reality and robotics as part of a bigger plan to expand its involvement in technology and innovation.

The university describes its plans as a way to reinvent liberal arts education in the digital age, with students enrolling for two new undergraduate programmes in media design and immersive technology, as well as applied data science.



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