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'Students like the flexibility': why online universities are here to stay

By ITS Education Asia

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With the coronavirus pandemic radically reshaping the education system, universities may never be the same again. Recently the Guardian reported that a National Union of Students survey found that almost half of students were happy with their online learning.

Many students have expressed positive experiences which may permanently transform universities.  Lectures can be recorded in HD and reused, so more of professors’ time can be spent on interacting with students.

Online learning shouldn’t be seen as a quick-fix solution to the pandemic. Allison Littlejohn, director of the UCL Institute of Education’s knowledge lab, cautions that quality online courses take time and effort to create. “It’s crucial the online learning experience is well-designed and we don’t simply shift existing content from one format to another,” she says.

Other benefits to online learning are that it can widen access to education to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go. This is already happening in the US, where online education is more established, especially among lower-income students. Last month, Southern New Hampshire University, the country’s fastest-growing university, announced that it has used online learning to enable it to slash its tuition fees by 61%.

At ITS, we use a customized platform from Infiniti Platforms for our one-to- one online lessons. This is state of the art software which provides an interactive one-on-one tutorial experience. It has all usual classroom features of a whiteboard, shares documents, presentations, videos, images and so on and records the lessons for your review.



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