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The new Nixon Building at Tanglin Trust School was officially opened by Minister S. Iswaran and acting High Commissioner, Alexandra McKenzie in November 2016. Named in honour of Dominic Nixon, former Chair of the Board and governor at the school for more than 10 years, the event was attended by governors, members of the school community and members of the local neighbourhood of one-north.

Minister Iswaran gave a poignant speech in which he made reference to the relevance of international schools to Singapore and the role they play in supporting globalization. "You are really at the nexus in many ways between Singapore and the world," he said. "You bring the world to Singapore, and you bring Singapore to the world." In addition to meeting the needs of the international community in Singapore he added that "It takes on added significance against the backdrop of some of the recent rhetoric we have heard against globalisation and closer links between countries and economies," he said.

Having secured its lease at Portsdown Road until at least 2038, the Nixon Building forms part of a capital development plan that will see the school adding more facilities to provide its community with outstanding spaces and resources that match its aspirations for the future. A visionary Draft Master Plan has been created to ensure that each aspect of development supports and builds upon what is already in place, whilst opening up new and exciting possibilities for students, parents and staff.

CEO, Mr Peter Derby-Crook said “The opening of the Nixon Building marks an exciting new chapter in our history; not only does it bring incredible new facilities for our students, parents and staff but it connects us even more to the dynamic community of One-North, where we take inspiration from neighbours such as Mediacorp, Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company”.

For more information on Tanglin Trust visit www.tts.edu.sg

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