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Teenagers should be banned from using mobiles in school because their brains are not mature enough, leading headteacher says

By ITS Education Asia

ChalkFace has been reporting on the debate about the use of mobile devices schools.  A range of different views have been put forward over the last few months. This head teacher, Lisa Kerr of Gordonstoun School in Scotland, believes that mobile phones should be banned in schools.

“Teenagers should be stopped from having mobile phones in school because their brains are not mature enough to exercise self-control,” the head of a prestigious boarding school has said. 

“Students should be taught how to control technology through digital detoxes rather than being left to decide for themselves” according to Ms Kerr.

Ms Kerr, principal of £41,250-a-year Gordonstoun, where pupils are not allowed to use their phones until the end of lessons and activities, said “Teenage brains aren’t sufficiently developed to exercise the necessary self-control, so the adults in their lives need to set boundaries.”

So what do you think? Should mobile phones be banned or allowed in schools?

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