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The ongoing struggle on Instagram

By Ruth Puentespina

Social media platforms have an important responsibility to their users with regard to the kind of content that is made available on their sites. Facebook and its subsidiaries, including Instagram, have the largest reach in terms of end-user interaction — when content on these platforms triggers negative consequences such as the deaths and suicides of a statistically significant number, where is the line of responsibility drawn? For their part, these big companies have taken steps to ensure their policies cover ethical conduct on their platforms.

Instagram in particular has ensured that the content being posted is regulated — everything from photos, videos and cartoons to hashtags that are easily accessible. Although this can be seen as not enough, there is only so much that can be done on their end. Parents, for their part, must ensure that their children are engaging in social media healthily; online bullying and other negative effects of social media present in observable behavior at home. If your child begins exhibiting depressive symptoms, it is best to contact a healthcare professional to ensure they are not at risk of suicide.

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