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The uni degrees least likely to land you a job after you graduate

By ITS Education Asia

A recent report by the Australia Institute's Centre for Future Work has found that employment conditions have become much more challenging for graduates and that their rates of full-time work are significantly down over the last decade.

The study found those who study medicine or teaching have the best chance of landing a job after graduation.   At the opposite end of the scale, those who study communications and the creative arts have the worst job prospects four months after graduation, with only 60.5 per cent finding work in communications and just over half of graduates being employed in the creative arts at 52.2 per cent.

The report attributes generalist degrees that cover a wide range of disciplines and have no specific focus as not feeding into defined career pathways, making it harder for graduates to find work in the field.

This research was conducted in Australia, so it would be interesting to see simiar studies on Hong Kong graduates.

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