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UK: Back-to-school safety plans for autumn leaked

By ITS Education Asia

According to this report from the BBC this is what the UK government is intending on doing with students returning back to school in order to open up schools and keep students safe.

The return-to-school plans for autumn in England will involve entire year groups staying in separate "bubbles". A draft of the plans has been published by the Huffington Post.

It means that groups of up to 240 pupils could be kept apart within a school, with a separate time for starting and finishing. It could also mean they would all be sent home if there was a Covid-19 case in the group.

There will also be recognition of the need for pupils to catch up after months out of regular lessons, with an emphasis on core subjects such as English and Maths.

The plans, understood to be draft documents shared as part of a consultation, show the approach to safety in the autumn is an expansion of the "protective bubble" approach already used.

A full list of what is involved in the plans can be found by following the link to the Huffington post article.  We all hope that this is the beginning of getting children back to school safely.



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