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UK: More than 85 per cent of university students want full or partial tuition fee refund, survey suggests

By ITS Education Asia

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It is not surprising that many university students do not feel they are getting the full value of their fees that they are paying for their course.  Studying at home online is not what students were expecting when they enrolled to be full time students at university.  Therefore it should not be a surprise that a majority feel they should be entitled to a refund as reported in this article from The Independent.

More than 85 per cent of university students feel they should get some form of tuition fee refund this year.

Students have previously told The Independent their fees should be reduced this year as their university experience had been fundamentally altered during the pandemic. Many said online learning was not the same as face-to-face teaching, while campus facilities and resources were more difficult to access due to coronavirus. 

It is difficult to see what universities can do to accommodate student requests for some type of refunds.  The universities have not seen their running costs reduce significantly and still need to pay their bills.



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