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UK: Proportion of students getting first-class degrees rises by nearly 90% over eight years

By ITS Education Asia

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Grade inflation remains ‘significant and pressing issue’, OfS chief executive says (The Independent).  Grade inflation to some extent de-values earlier peoples academic achievements and makes comparisons across time more difficult.

The proportion of students awarded with a first-class degree has risen by nearly 90 per cent over eight years in England - in 2010-2011, 15.7 % of graduates received a top degree, increasing to 29.5 % in 2018-2019.

This increase of 88 per cent is largely unexplained by factors that may affect attainment, the report said. The watchdog’s chief executive warned that grade inflation remained a “significant and pressing issue” in higher education in England, as the OfS found the proportion of first class degrees being handed out has continued to rise across the years.



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