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University: Mental Health Survival Tips for Freshman Year

By Ruth Puentespina

University is a stressful time for everyone — parents often feel a sense of loss (a variant on empty nest syndrome) and students, as excited as they are, inevitably experience feeling overwhelmed and isolated. This is especially difficult for introverts and students with mental health concerns. However, with the right mindset, students can find ways to cope with this stressful period. It is important to take opportunities to find out what support is being offered at school; don’t feel pressured to join any clubs or organizations just yet, and look at Fresher’s Week as a chance to mingle with potentially like-minded individuals. Setting realistic expectations removes pressure to make friends, and remembering that anxiety due to this big change is more common than one thinks will allow some breathing space during this transition. It is important for students to take the chance to push themselves out of their comfort zone, but equally important to remember that it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

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