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US: 27% of teachers are considering quitting because of Covid, survey finds

By ITS Education Asia

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A very worrying report for the US reported on CNBC.  If these figures do actually result in nearly 30% of teachers in the US leaving the profession the implications for education in the US will go long past the end of the pandemic.

Teachers have been asked to weigh risks to their personal health and teach in person. Some have been asked to teach from behind computer screens and perfect distance learning. Many have been asked to do both. 

According to one report, 77% of educators are working more today than a year ago, 60% enjoy their job less and 59% do not feel secure in their school district’s health and safety precautions. Roughly 27% say they are considering leaving their job, retiring early or taking a leave of absence because of the pandemic.

Teaching is a challenging profession at the best of times.  During the pandemic the strain put on teachers has been huge.  Hopefully the vaccine will start to see an end to the problems being wrought on education by the Covid-19 pandemic.



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