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US: 'The Word of the Year Is Fluid': The Pandemic Brings a New Teaching Style

By ITS Education Asia

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An interesting article from the New York Times looking at the struggles that schools in the New York Area have had with trying to make hybrid education a success during the pandemic.

In class are students seated at desks many feet apart. Then there are remote students, learning from home.

Can the remote students hear the students in the classroom, and vice versa? Which group should the teacher  focus on today? And how does she know if those remote students are grasping her lessons — or paying attention at all?

Ms. Rasimowicz and the rest of Edison Township Public Schools, one of New Jersey’s largest suburban districts, are part of a huge, unplanned educational experiment: combining remote instruction with in-person classes, a system known as hybrid instruction.

It will be interesting to see if this is a temporary fix or becomes a longer-term change to school-based learning.



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