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When social workers helped to ban child marriage, suddenly girls had a future

By ITS Education Asia

ChalkFace is been drawing attention to recent articles aimed at improving access to education for girls. The article from The Guardian highlights World Social Work Day, and is an uplifting piece about how social work has helped young girls.

You have to start with what the people want, what their concerns are and to bring everyone together, so they can realise their power to change things,” says social worker Jino Joy. These words were spoken in India, but they could have been said by a social worker anywhere in the world.

World Social Work Day is a time to highlight the role of social workers in empowering people and facilitating social transformation from India to Iceland.

There are many examples around the world where a social work approach is advancing rights and unlocking human potential. Results are greater still when a country’s ministry of social affairs embraces this approach to support community self-led development such as in Costa Rica and Rwanda. Here poverty rates have fallen and health, education, workplace participation and self-employment has risen.

ChalkFace applauds all those who dedicate their life to the effort of helping those less well off in the world.


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Image by Vidhyarthi Darpan from Pixabay

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