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Who says you can't skate and get good grades?

By ITS Education Asia

Skateboarding is no longer the rag-tag fledgling industry it was in the 70’s and 80’s — it is now an industry that generates billions annually. There are generally only two images that a skater strikes up, one as slacker who only cares about doing grinds, tricks, and carving out a sweet run, or an anti-establishment hood rat associated with drugs and vandalism. Hopefully that image will now change, as USC researchers are looking into how skaters can use their skating skills to reach their full potential in academics and also in life.

Zoë B. Corwin, a research associate professor at the USC Rossier School of Education, states “Skateboarders have this tenacity to practice a trick thousands of times, they are creative, they have cross-cultural interactions not common in other spaces,” Corwin said. “How can they translate those skill sets and their passions into educational and career opportunities?”

In fact, the Tony Hawk foundation has pledged USD265,000 into a study to conduct in-depth interviews with skaters and community stakeholders. These series of interviews are meant to provide a greater insight into the challenges and opportunities facing skateboarders.

There has also been a rise in grassroots organizations such as the Garage Board Shop in east LA, which offers after-school tutoring programs. It’s about time the skating community got more involved with academics and life planning.

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