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Why are Singapore and Hong Kong lagging in workforce talent retention?

By ITS Education Asia

The annual IMD World Talent Ranking has placed Singapore in 10th position and Hong Kong in 15th in a survey of 63 countries.  The results pointed to the high cost of living and lower government spending on education as the main reasons the two lag behind European rivals.

Released on Monday, it ranked Switzerland in top position followed by Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Luxembourg.

Singapore was the only Asian entry in the top 10, coming in at tenth position, while Hong Kong was ranked 15, ahead of Taiwan (20), and  Malaysia (22).  Mainland China was ranked 42, while the  United States was ranked 12.

The business school assessed 63 countries between January and April this year, using economic data and surveys with over 6,000 company executives.

What do you think?  Is 15th poor or should it be better? How can Hong Kong do more to attract and retain talent?

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