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YCI Feb '21 Seminar - Fruit Peels to Soap IV

Great to see the YCI community - even if only virtually - for an informative hour with Elin. 

The big takeaway? Student projects will blossom in ways that no one can predict. 

With Elin, Ethan, and Alfie, we were treated to a multi-generational cross-section of food waste advocates. Ethan and Alfie will both be looking to harness the power of Fruity Clean and saponification, but they still have the challenges of self-organizing and applying their newfound technology to quantifiably reduce food waste. 

Elin gave Ethan and Alfie a glimpse of where these projects might lead them. Elin no longer works with food waste, but now lobbies companies and legislators to shift policies towards green technology and away from fossil fuels. No ceiling for Ethan and Alfie!


Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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