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ITS at the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong


ITS joined the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong in March 2011. The Chamber is one of the largest of its kind. It has over 1000 members of which more than 500 are corporate entities. Some of the biggest names in the global education sector are members including schools, school groups, universities and the British Council. The Chamber organizes over 200 events a year and its committees are dedicated to contributing to the smooth running of Hong Kong from a business and social point of view through interactions with community, companies and government.

ITS founder and Director Danny Harrington joined the Education Committee in 2011 and became Vice-Chair in 2013. On 7th November 2014 he was elected to the Chair, taking over from Stephen Eno who had held the position since 2004. During Stephen's tenure, the committee undertook a number of challenges and produced some sterling work to address issues such as English standards in Hong Kong and the provision of enough international school places so that Hong Kong can remain an attractive and competitive destination for global business. 

Danny held the Chair for the year 2014-15 before moving to the UK to set up the ITS rep office there. During this time, the Committee continued to keep the supply of international education in the news and shifted its focus to affordability for international parents in Hong Kong and also on concerns around non-traditional and non-academic education and training provision. The committee continues this work today and ITS retains a spot on the committee.


Danny Harrington

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