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Dictionaries & Glossaries for Students

ITS has developed a range of comprehensive dictionaries/glossaries for students. Each contains several thousand entries compiled by our subject teachers whose classroom experience allows them to focus on the terms most commonly required at school. The core aim is for learning associated with ages 14 to 19 but of course these compilations may be useful for anyone with an interest in the subject.

We will try to update them over time.

Please email ITS [email protected] if you would like to add a term to this dictionary / glossary.

Either send us your definition or request that we define the term for you.
This resource was created to help students and others everywhere. ITS would like to freely encourage other internet sites to link to this dictionary.

Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary for Students

English Literature Dictionary/Glossary for Students

Geography Dictionary/Glossary for Students

Mathematics Dictionary/Glossary for Students

Psychology Dictionary/Glossary for Students

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