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W - war literature to writer’s craft - English Literature Dictionary

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war literature: Works - mainly poetry - written about, or as a result of, the First World War. Sometimes this literature can be patriotic, but usually expresses a sense of revulsion and disgust. See trench poetry.

war poets: See war literature and trench poetry.

western: A literary and cinematic genre discernible by several conventions. Thesetting is usually a short main street in a dusty village of the American west, in the 1800s. Often, themes include a struggle between law and lawlessness.

wit: A form of intellectual humour. A wit (person) is someone skilled in making witty remarks. Forms of wit include the quip and repartee.

Wordsworth, William:  Born in 1770, William Wordsworth was an English PoetLaureate. He was arguably the founder of romanticismThe Prelude will be remembered as one of his greatest achievements. See romanticism

writer: A person who writes books, stories, reports etc. See author and playwright.

writer’s craft: Similar to author’s craft, this term refers to the style and devicesused by an author. See poetic techniques and literary devices.


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