Jeffrey , tutor in Clear Water Bay
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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?😁

The ability to use my talent for singing to captivate the students. The songs help them remember the words, sentences, and what to say, and just have fun playing! We create jingles and even timed games with a song to help them enjoy the time they are writing of doing an activity. The best part is when they sing along to the music! That why the most joyful moment of the tutoring.

My Strengths as Tutor💪

Listening is my strength as a tutor. Whatever the student shares is repeated so the students feel heard. When they are sharing and it's not on the topic of the lesson, I share I am listening. Then continue on with the class so the student also feels the structure of learning and listening, we both respect that process and each other to hear and the time we have to complete the lesson.

Most important things I can do for a student🏅

Build their confidence, and ability to listen and speak about what matters to them. The lesson is planned to build knowledge of what they don't know, teachers can deliver that content to the students, yet the difference a tutor can make is to know what the student is dealing with and deliver the tools for the students to use them in the lesson, and for their future learning experiences.

Subjects Tutored🎓

  • English Language tutoring

Tutoring students in 👦 👧

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  • p6
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High School Attended

Emerald High School

University Attended

Middle Tennessee State University

Academic Achievements

Bachelors Degree

About Me

Born in New York, I moved to Hong Kong in 2007 to become a drama teacher. I have been teaching these skills on multiple platforms in Hong Kong for the past 15 years. I was performing at schools, running workshops and Directing Drama Programs, as well as doing one on one coaching for companies and individuals. I enjoy teaching as it's the most rewarding profession I've experienced.


I have tutored both in person and Online for the past 10 years, one-on-one and in groups, focusing on speaking English and teamwork activities. Ages from Primary and Secondary students, recently in Kindergarten as well. We create a space to speak about the lesson and learn from games, it's the action that builds confidence, and sharing gives the student a way to invest in the study.

What I can Tutor

Primary, Junior Secondary

Languages in which I can give lessons


Services I Offer

Online tutoring, Home tutoring