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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?😁

I love to see students improve with my help and that’s has been my biggest motivation to be a teacher. As I as a University Student myself, I know the hard work that’s goes into improving yourself and getting higher grades. It very important for students nowadays to have support outside of classroom to motivate them and improve. Hence, whenever a student is able to improve, it makes me quite happy.

My Strengths as Tutor💪

I think one of my strengths as a tutor is that I understand what the students need and am very supportive. Most times tutors might want to just teach the students quickly and move on to the next chapter. But for me, it’s very important to make sure they understand what they are learning. Even if it takes a long time, I will help them by providing additional worksheets to help them. For example, I have a student that was weak in her comprehension exams. But with practice and teaching her skills on how to do the writing, she was able significantly improved. It took her 4-6 months. But most importantly, she improved for the best and those skills became easy for her to implement.

Most important things I can do for a student🏅

I think it is very important for the tutors to be understanding. If a tutor doesn’t understand the needs and goals of their students, there is no way the tutor can help. Hence, understanding whether the student needs more explanation, supplementary worksheets, practice papers or even just words of encouragement. Understanding their students need is very important.

Subjects Tutored🎓

  • Geography tutoring

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High School Attended

Ho Lap College

University Attended

Hong Kong Baptist University The College of International Education

Academic Achievements

GPA: 3.72

About Me

I am currently studying Professional Communication and English Studies. This has equipped me with knowledge about workplace communication and essential necessities to thrive in communications. Studying literature and linguistics has provided me with intricacies of the language world and develop a thorough sense of the literacy world and motivated be to study English further. In terms of my hobbies, I love to try out new restaurants especially with different cuisines as it is a great way for me and my friends to bond but also to learn about different cultures!


I have been working at a Net teacher in Dramatic English Center. There I have had experience with different aged groups ranging from 3 -15 year old students. I taught phonics and help with their composition, comprehension, listening and speaking skills to help them improve but also to enjoy English as well. I also help them prepare for their examination. Moreover, I also help them with their drama classes where I teach them dramatical elements and to help them prepare for their drama performances and exams.

What I can Tutor

Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE

Languages in which I can give lessons


Services I Offer

Home tutoring