Uzma Nisa, tutor in Hong Kong Island
1第一 課程試用




- I enjoy noticing the progress that students make because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and assurance. - I enjoy teaching English because it can be taught in a fun manner and I can share some of my own childhood story books or strategies that my teachers used to facilitate students' learning.


-I am creative. I can design different lesson plans and games and I can deliver them in a fun manner as I am a literature major. Hence, I have been taught on how to include literature in learning English and other subjects. - I am patient. I understand the needs of ESL learners and I give them time to digest the information. I tend to present one theme in several ways to make sure that the students have gained understanding - I am driven. I will put in effort to get to know my students and do reflections after each lesson so that I can improve my next one.


- Personalize the learning, dont ignore the aspects the student is struggling with consistently. - keep in mind the students' strengths and base the lesson on those skills so as to challenge the student while still enabling them to tackle it. - Give examples or work based on student's interest


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IKTMC Chai Wan


The University of Hong Kong


Dean's List 2019-2020


I am Nisa, a year 3 student at the University of Hong Kong. I am studying double degree in Arts and Education which touches upon child psychology, ESL learners, Linguistics, literature and more. I have been through the local curriculum and so I have taken DSE. I have attained L5* in English, L5 In Literature, L5** in History, L5** in LS. I also have attained Band 8 in IELTS so I am willing to teach these curriculums. Also I have worked as a freelance writer where I prepared instructions and guideline papers for students enrolled in public speaking competitions. I can tutor students on speaking accuracy, fluency and confidence.


I have tutored voluntarily during my summer holidays when I was in secondary school. I decided the time to teach underprivileged students for free but that experience led to my decision of studying double degree in Arts and education in the university of Hong Kong. In my undergraduate years, I managed to gain international experience with teaching, in the summer of 2020 I was trained to conduct online classes with professors from Australian university. before that I worked as a Youth worker and instructor in Brazil. Summer of 2019, I went to Burma to teach children the 4 essential English skills. I think these experinces taught me how to transfer my skills and knowledge in different contexts and how to approach learners with different backgrounds, needs and attitudes.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE, IELTS




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