Ming, tutor in Ma On Shan
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The thing that I enjoy most about tutoring is being able to interact with the students in a way that we can both have an enjoyable time while also helping them improve. I find it gratifying when a student looks forward to attending my class rather than feeling being forced to attend.


My strength as a tutor is that I have native levels of English fluency and conversational levels of Cantonese. I am able to speak only English to immerse the student in dialogue but also able to translate more difficult vocabularies and concepts into Cantonese so a student can learn the idea in the shortest time. I also aim to provide a fun and positive experience so that a student will look forward to my tutoring session and see it as a stress reliever from their busy and hectic lives.


I believe that the most important things that a tutor can do are being able to give guidance on how to improve on certain areas through positive reinforcement and providing a fun and engaging learning experience. It i is scientifically proven that a person is much more likely to retain the information if they have happy emotions during learning. Therefore, a tutor must be able to effectively teach the materials while also making it a pleasant experience for the student.


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Whittier Christian


Claremont Graduate University




I was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Los Angeles, California. I am currently pursuing a degree computer science and practicing to be a full stack web developer. My hobbies are exercising, playing tennis, and cooking.


I have been tutoring in Hong Kong for 2 years for students: -ranging from the ages of K3 to Form 6 -in a public school setting with 30 students -in private 1 on 1 tutoring -in group tutoring -with special education needs in the areas of: -Grammar -Reading comprehension -Writing -Phonics -Speaking -Cambridge -Trinity -DSE English -IB English -IGCSE English


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話