Tyler, tutor in Sai Wan
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I enjoy helping others understand something they did not before. Seeing someone understand why they made a mistake and how to avoid the same mistake in the future has a distinct feeling that gives me some joy. I also truly enjoy seeing someone's improvement over time.


I believe I can use different methods in order to explain a concept. Drawing links and comparisons to things that the student likes. I also believe that I can frame things in different ways, explaining the same concept simply or in a more advanced light depending on the situation.


Guide them. I believe the best thing a tutor can do is assist in learning by guiding them through their work. It is important to help them do the work rather than do it for them. Helping them understand what is being asked of them and how best to achieve this. I believe for them to improve it takes time and patience on both my part and the students.


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Canadian International School


Kingston University


Current University Student


I am a student currently taking some time off from university. I am a major in Journalism and Media, where I spend a lot of time not only writing but also editing and proofing long and short-form articles for my peers. I have experience writing in a variety of different levels and styles, ranging from serious long-form essays to short-form opinion pieces. I studied at Canadian International School, where I completed both my IB and OSSD diplomas. I have familiarity with the IB, MYP and PYP grading system and expectations of students. I was an HL English student during my IB years and graduated with a 6/7.


Though I have limited tutoring experience, I have regularly assisted in helping others improve the quality of their work. I have peer-reviewed and edited numerous essays and articles from primary to university levels. As a Journalism and Media major, I regularly edit work improving diction, flow, grammar and more.


Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE, IELTS, PTE




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