David Jonathan Delos Reyes, tutor in Yat Tung Estate
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I enjoy nurturing my students, having a proper connection with them, and watching them grow. I've always held this personal philosophy when I started as a tutor, that being an "academic" or "educational" figure is not to fill students mind with knowledge, but to educate, nurture, and guide them to be motivated life-long learners that constantly seek to be the best versions of themselves, and I believe the best way to do that is to start from the way that they are educated, you plant the seed of an idea in their minds. “An idea is like a virus. Resilient. Highly Contagious. And the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you” -Inception, written and directed by Christopher Nolan.


My heart. As an ENFJ, I've always want to make meaningful connections with the people that I meet. I want to see people become the best versions of themselves. This personality trait of mine stayed with me as I entered into my tutoring experience. I've learnt that the best way to educate a student is to listen and understand to their needs. In a city where education is boiled down to a formula, students needs are becoming more looked over, and harder to recognize. Mixed in with Hong Kong's competitive space, students are more prone to keep to themselves, making it hard for educators and students to work out what the students needs are to help them learn better. I care for my students, and work out their needs to give them the best learning experience I am capable of giving.


I believe the most important thing a tutor MUST do is to listen to the student's needs. In a formulaic world, where systems are set in place, individuality has taken a back seat, and with that, so does individuals' needs. From my observations and experience, students' learning needs are one of those things that took a back seat in creating our society. Systems are designed to be efficient, not designed to make the best out of individuals. This is a fundamental flaw in our society, which is why it is of the upmost importance that we tutors right this wrong. After all, if our only goal is to systematically train our students to be the "best" in a certain field without taking into consideration their needs, and even wants, then aren't we ourselves just a system disguised as humans? Therefore, listening to and adapting to students learning needs.


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Delia Memorial School (Broadway)


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Ongoing)


I'm an IT student studying in PolyU, as well as the Vice President of Membership in PolyU's toastmasters club and consultant to PolyU Google Developer Student Club. I'm a tech enthusiast and an avid public speaker. I love to entertain and engage with my audience. I'm also a people person, I love establishing meaningful connections, maintaining healthy relationships, and help each other develop & grow. Growing up, I've encountered a lot of difficulties throughout my educational life, it made me reflect upon those difficulties and how they can be addressed for future generations. This line of thought has stuck with me and is one of the drives for my passion in teaching. I've also learnt a lot about mental health and the importance of it, it showed me how our society does not do enough to educate the public and especially students on how to handle it. It made me more aware and apply what I've learnt and experienced into my teaching and tutoring style.


I initially started as a homework guidance tutor, helping students with their daily homework of any subject they needed help in. It was an eye-opening experience as it made me realize how much more help students need to aid their learning. As time passes, I was given the opportunity to be a Math tutor for secondary 4 and 5 students, which allowed me to practice teaching/tutoring towards a larger group of students. This allowed me to implement my own teaching methods, in which I address the issues I had with school education growing up, into my own teaching style. My most recent tutoring experience was as an SEN tutor. It was another touching experience for me, as I was again able to connect with my students and cater to their individual needs.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE




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