Fatema , tutor in Tseung Kwan O
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Being able to do for someone what others did for me. I got to improve on my subjects and language skills a lot because of my tutors and I really enjoyed my time in our sessions. I got to have an example for proper tutoring and even start to enjoy subjects I dreaded. When I would tutor my brother I got to see improvement in him and that was very rewarding not just for me but for him getting to finally understand things, get high marks, and keep moving forward in his progress. It makes me proud to see a student improve and help them reach their full potential while having a lot of fun and pride in the process for both of us.


I believe I can relate to the frustrations of the students as I can put myself in their shoes. By understanding the student's thought processes and emotions, I can figure out ways to deal with their struggles in learning and hence find suitable methods to teach them and help them understand concepts more easily and efficiently. I love to take charge of all sorts of organisational and planning activities so I'd be able to make and organise supplementary exercises specificalised for them and their style of learning. I am also pretty social so I would try to make the students as comfortable with me as possible and lessen their stress with learning something difficult for them.


Inspire them and help them reach their full academic potential, by making them actually enjoy what they're learning. A tutor has to find simple ways for their students to understand concepts in a specialized way according to the individual's needs and abilities. If a tutor can be likable as well and really connect with a student on other levels besides the subject, the student would have positive feelings about learning the subject more actively as well and opt for more sessions.


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Kiangsu-Chekiang College


The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) Tung Wah College


Associate Degree Bachelor's Degree (in progress)


I like communicating a lot so it's just natural for me to lighten someone's mood with a joke or conversation. I'm always around children to teenagers due to my past and current part-time jobs so I've had a lot of experience guiding and instructing people with the games there and always felt a rush of joy teaching and helping others. Whenever new coworkers would start their jobs I loved taking the initiative to introduce things they didn't know about and teach them. When my friends or classmates were struggling with schoolwork I constantly jumped at the chance to tutor them in or even outside school. Since I've grown up alongside many siblings and tutored my dyslexic little brother for years, I've been around a lot of different personalities, figured out different ways that people learn, and had to adapt to many moods and environmental changes around me. I've always wanted to do more with my academic background and make good use of it to help someone else so I was thrilled to see this job opportunity before me and instinctively jumped at the chance to apply.


I've taught for around 2 years now at various teaching centres. I've taught kids around the ages of 2-12 about speaking/listening, phonics, grammar, Cambridge YLE syllabus, and Pearson syllabus. I have a dyslexic little brother that I helped teach (English and General Studies) while he was in primary school. He and some other students would learn things in a much different way so I had to first figure out and understand their struggles and help them adapt to their study materials in a way they would understand. I encourage my students to read for fun and brought out supplementary exercises specifically to teach them the basics of phonics, grammar, and spelling. When teaching, I explain concepts in divided steps so it is easier for everyone to absorb the information and not get overloaded by it all at once. When my students got frustrated I would lighten the mood, have them take a little break, and try a different approach by connecting real-world experiences with the concepts to try and explain things better and have them memorize tiny bits of different parts so things weren't repetitive.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE, University




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